Pamica Group acquires robotics company Eskilstuna Dynamics – to be integrated with Stapp


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Halmstad-based Pamica Group (“Pamica”), a prominent company in acquisitions and long-term business development, is to acquire Eskilstuna Dynamics (“EDAB”). EDAB manufactures and sells software and hardware for use in targeting systems at shooting ranges in primarily the US. The business will be integrated into the Pamica-owned company Stapp, which is a leading end-to-end supplier to environmentally friendly shooting ranges in Sweden, with some operations in the US.

“EDAB is a perfect fit with our strategy of building a leading end-to-end supplier in the field of shooting ranges. The companies are strong among the same target groups but with different geographic markets, the range of products and services complement each other and target the same customer categories: the army, the police and private shooting ranges,” says Jan-Olof Svensson, CEO of Pamica Group.

EDAB’s leading robot product comprises a wireless target retriever – a moving target controlled using EDAB’s proprietary control system and software. The business has operated since 2021, primarily in the US and is already highly profitable and is expected to generate sales of approximately MSEK 27 in 2023. Stapp, which has been part of Pamica since 2018, is a leading end-to-end supplier of environmentally friendly shooting ranges in Sweden to primarily the Swedish Armed Forces and the police, as well as shooting clubs, and has some sales in the US. Net sales for the operations are expected to amount to about MSEK 20 in 2023.

It is fantastic that we are now taking this step after having worked closely with EDAB since 2022. The market for shooting ranges is growing rapidly, and our customers expect us to offer innovative, safe and eco-smart end-to-end solutions. Together, we will offer our customers a combination of advanced, digitally controlled software combined with robust hardware tailored for shooting ranges with a clear environmental profile. I am very much looking forward to working closely with EDAB’s founder team,” says Anders Willix, CEO of Stapp.

“The market for robotics technology and its control systems is enormous since it improves safety and health for its users. With our proprietary software and hardware, we have achieved very high profitability, and we have now also entered into partnerships to gear up ahead of our expansion, mainly in the US and Sweden. It was logical for the owner team to sell off part at an attractive price, but we are retaining some ownership going forward since we see huge potential in growing together with a strong owner such as Pamica,” says Niclas Kjellström-Matseke, Chairman and principal owner of EDAB.

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