Pamica Group acquires Freys Express


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Halmstad-based Pamica Group, a prominent company in acquisitions and long-term business development, today announces its acquisition of Freysgruppen AB which operates under the Freys Express brand. Freys Express is a leading Swedish moving services company, specializing in office relocation for B2B customers and generated net sales of just over MSEK 300 in 2022. With the acquisition, Pamica Group is strengthening its leading position in the relocation and moving industry.

“This acquisition marks a strategic step for Pamica Group in expanding our presence and building a stronger group of companies in the relocation and moving industry, both in the Nordic region and globally,” says Jan-Olof Svensson, CEO of Pamica Group.

Pamica Group already owns Alfa Scandinavia, which under the Alfa Mobility brand is a leader in international moving, relocation and immigration services in 150 countries. The company reported net sales of MSEK 636 in 2022. The aim over time is to integrate Freys Express with Alfa Scandinavia and leverage Alfa Mobility’s and Freys Express’s strengths through cross-sales and synergies in shared systems.

“The acquisition further consolidates Alfa Mobility’s position in the international moving services sector and increases our conditions for continued growth. Together with Pamica and Freys Express, I look forward to continuing to strengthen the group’s position in the Nordic market,” comments Annika Roupé, CEO of Alfa Scandinavia.

Freys Express and Alfa Mobility will retain their well-known brands and have the opportunity to grow in their individual areas of expertise. Alfa Mobility will focus on its international operations while also developing local production capacity to diversify its range of services.

Freys Express will strengthen its position as an end-to-end provider in the Nordic market and ensure growth and long-term ownership.

“We are very excited and look forward to the continued development and expansion of Freys Express, now with Pamica Group as its new owner. With Pamica’s expertise and experience, everyone at Freys Express sees many opportunities to continue to develop the leading position that we currently command in the moving services market,” says Kent Hofmann, CEO of Freysgruppen AB.

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