A delegation from Företagarna and Länsförsäkringar in Kalmar County showed up at the company’s office on Wednesday with flowers, diplomas, a statuette and a cake. – We got really surprised and happy. It is fantastic to get this award for the first time, says Billy Lansdowne.

The motive to Takteam’s award is an exceptional growth of the company. Since the start in 2015, Takteam has now a turnover of SEK 50 million and 27 full-time employees. During the present high season, between 45 and 50 people are on the payroll.

– The recipe for success has been to invest and focus in one thing and then do it the best we can, says Anton Cansund.

The company specializes in washing and painting roof tiles. Last year, Takteam had 1,400 private individuals in its customer base.

– The pandemic has not affected us since we have been very busy. People, who do not travel, renovate their houses instead. Some have realized that you can wash and paint the ceiling at a cheaper cost than laying a new roof, says Billy Lansdowne.

Congratulations to the team of Taktea, what an incredibly award!