Lightframe Modular is a stackable ODF which is just 44 mm high (1U).

Lightframe Modular is designed to save time on site. The back piece on the box is pre-assembled. If you need to remove it, you easily snap it off. The cable cover is fixed by the next unit or by the lid.

The ODF is equipped with a protective frame for easier fixing of the fibers and for marking.

Lightframe Modular is delivered with taylor-made welding sleeve holders wich makes it easy to weld outside of the box. The welding sleeve holder is placed where the installer finds it suitable to minimize strain on the fiber. This means that you do not need a splice tray in the box.

By delivering the Lightframe Modular in four different variants and with customized numbering of the front (vertical or horizontal marking), Lightframe Modular is prepared for fibernets of the future.