Make the home both safer and smarter for you or your family by using the services at 

Stay at home – on your terms

On the Care Portal you will find services and tools that enable you to stay at home even if your care needs have increased. For many, it is positive that today’s aids contribute to a continued high level of integrity and above all the freedom to live as usual – at home. In addition, several of the aids available to fire safety also contribute, leading to increased security both for the individual and the neighbors.

Examples of services:
• Reminder panel – using sensors to show what is on and off, open or closed at home
• Smart locks – keep track of doors and windows remotely, and facilitate key management
• Fire safety – for example fireplace guard, which switches off the stove before the accident occurs
• Electronics control – can control and control lighting and appliances from a distanceWelfare broadband is included in all services.

Easy to order, easy to use

The services can be ordered by the user himself or a relative directly through the portal, initiated by the home service or ordered as a collective service. The services go through welfare broadband where upon the property owner or the association can sit back while Sappa handles the delivery. Sappa not only makes the property more attractive – Sappa also makes it a safer place for everyone!
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