Building Great Companies together

Reality and vision

Broad network, expertise, capital and active ownership. These are our tools for helping companies to grow. We reinforce what the entrepreneur, management team and employees want to build. We work closely with the companies and help to develop operations. We achieve success together.

What are Great Companies?

We look for established owner-managed companies that are ready to take the next step. We analyze where the company is at present and what the common objective is. Jointly, we analyze how we can achieve our goal and what is needed for a successful journey toward growth. Together, we create great and profitable companies that are attractive employers where the employees are happy and thrive.

Our framework for Great Companies

We have formulated a framework that helps us to develop Great Companies. The framework sheds light on all the essential parts to reinforce the structural capital of the companies and ultimately lead to profitable, sustainable growth.

Committed entrepreneurs that work toward a common objective

We are one team in which each party contributes their experience and expertise. We focus on the business and participate actively in developing the companies. We all want to move in the same direction and together build Great Companies for the future.

Our objective is to create growth, value and high returns for the owners

The entrepreneurs connected to Pamica all have documented backgrounds in investment or as executives in senior roles within relevant industries.

Investment strategy

We are entrepreneurs ourselves and enter each investment as a wholehearted partnership. We embark on this journey together.

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