“During almost two decades, Waboba has developed into a unique player in its niche with fantastic products and a highly skilled organization led by Axel von Heland, CEO of Waboba. In addition, they have succeeded in building a strong brand through unique products and well-developed sales channels,” comments Jan-Olof Svensson, CEO at Pamica Group.

Waboba sells its products in over 70 countries. The largest product groups are “backyard games” and “beach games”. The business places great focus on product design, branding, sales and marketing. Around 5 new products are launched every year and a total of 55 products are in-house developed and launched over the years.

“We have grown rapidly and in recent years investigated the possibility of finding a strong owner with competence to support us in our continued expansion and broadening of the product range. Now we gain access to many new competencies through Pamica’s network and look forward to developing Waboba together”, comments Axel von Heland, CEO of Waboba.