“I’m very proud to announce this new ownership with Pamica AB. The entreprenueric spirit that characterizes Pamica AB is a key asset, which we believe will contribute to accelerated growth and increased footprint. The market opportunities are tremendous and we are delighted to build the awareness together with Pamica AB.” says Thomas Johansson, Absortech’s CEO and founder.

“This investment of Absortech AB is premised on partnering with a great management team, having all the fundamentals needed to increase global market shares. We are excited to help and expand the platform under our ownership, and with Absortech AB’s global positioning and strong offering along with our broad network and expertise, we are delighted to accelerate its growth trajectory.” comments Jan-Olof Svensson at Pamica AB

Absortech AB, experts in moisture protection technology since 1991, head office and production in Sweden, production and sales office in four countries, and distributors in more than 50 countries. Absortech AB offers wide range of desiccants for both containers and packages adapted to the different needs. A common feature is complete adaptation to the harsh conditions of container transport passing through several climatic zones. H&M, Ford, Mercedes, and Clas Ohlson, to mention some of Absortech’s biggest customers. During a couple of years, Absortech has consolidated its structure and at the same time showing a comprehensive CAGR with maintained profitability. The turnover 2016 ended up to 83 MSEK and Absortech has approx. 80 emplyees.

Pamica AB is formed as group of Swedish entrepreuners. Pamica AB and their broad network provides industrial skills through active involvement in boards and projects, and create value for shareholders and investors through investments in unquoted and mature growth companies, primarily through buy-out structures.The entrepreneurs associated with Pamica have a background in investments or as businessmen in leading positions within relevant industries and segments. The transaction with Absortech is Pamica ABs second investment.

For further information please contact:

Thomas Johansson, CEO Absortech Group, +46 708 70 46 72

Jan-Olof Svensson, Pamica AB, +46 733 73 00 80