Winner of this year’s Coffe Professionals Cup


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Yesterday, Beans in Cup won in the Coffee Professionals Cup 2018! Winners were Lisen Gren and Peter Jönsson, taste experts at Beans in Cup.

At Beans in Cup, we are extremely proud that our taste experts Peter and Lisen have won gold in this year’s competition of the Coffee Professionals Cup, a competition where the Nordic region’s best coffee at work from a coffee machine is crowned. This was the seventh time the competition was launched with Nestlé Professional as organizer.

The competition maintained a very high level and during the final part, which involved adjusting the taste of a cup of black coffee, Beans in Cup delivered the cup that best corresponded to the desired taste. The winners’ coffee drink “Back to summer” consisted of strawberry milk, basil, cold brew and crushed ice and wanted to bring the audience back to the summer.

Jury motivation:
“You got a 100-year-old (Skånerost) taste like a fruity and lively 75-year-old!”

The competition involved the production of four different types of coffee from a coffee machine. The four types of coffee consisted of black coffee with Zoégas, caffé latte, espresso and finally an optional signature drink. The contributions were judged on both quality and creativity. The whole competition required great accuracy, knowledge and speed.

Beans in Cup competed with the machine EVOlution which has the unique functions ABS and MilkCare. Our EVOlution stands for accuracy and gives you the best of coffee drinks from a machine. Read more about our unique EVOlution. (

You could really say that this year’s competition was a success. Beans in Cup won all the prizes that could be won at the festival –with flying colors

Who is best at tasting coffee shades?
For the third year in a row, Beans in Cup won the title of Nordic Cup Champion in the Coffee Professionals Cupping Championship. Pierina Borg Mekonen, became the taste expert who took home this year’s win.

Coffee Professionals Cupping Championship is a competition organized by Nestlé Professional where experts in the coffee industry compete, on time, to find nuances, differences and deviations in coffee. The competitors must find three deviating coffes out of nine cups on time. They may only use a cup spoon as an aid when they feel the nuances of the coffee. In the final, Pierina was the fastest to go through these nine varieties with the most right.

This year’s cupping competition had 67 participants where five finalists from different coffee companies finally competed for the title of Nordic cupping champion.

Winners of this year’s competition

Winners of Coffee Professionals Cup 2018
Lisen Gren and Peter Jönsson, taste experts at Beans in Cup

Winner of the Coffee Professionals Cupping Championship
Pierina Borg Mekonen, taste expert at Beans in Cup

Café Bar and Latte Art competition
1st Dan-Fredrik Asplund, taste expert at Beans in Cup
3rd Anna Schalander, seller Beans in Cup

Godaste kaffet på jobbet

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