The Care Portal and IP-Only in cooperation for national welfare


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The care portal and IP-Only enter into cooperation on the national Welfare Broadband. GlobalConnect, which owns the consumer brand IP-Only, is expected to integrate its new acquisition Open Universe. In total, it is estimated to constitute a consumer customer base of 1.2 million Swedes, who will have access to a new spectrum of opportunities in digital welfare.

The cooperation means, in particular, that connected welfare services from municipalities have access to a safer connection in IP-Only’s connected households. This means that services, such as security alarms and surveillance cameras, can now be phased over to the national Welfare Broadband as primary connection, and mobile connectivity as redundancy there available.

With access to the national Welfare Broadband, additional possibilities are included. Among other things, municipal staff can use the Care Portal’s web interface to facilitate the management of procured digital welfare services. In the interface, for example, authorised staff can call off their procured welfare services in one place, regardless of supplier. The welfare broadband together with the user-friendly interface will be a powerful tool for municipalities in accelerating digitalisation. Because of this, municipalities can free up resources and at the same time tear down barriers for further development.

– We have collaborations with several of Sweden’s most important companies and organizations. The fact that we are now launching the collaboration with the Care Portal is the next logical step in our important mission – digital opportunities that simplify and improve everyday life for as many people as possible. IP-Only is the one that builds and invests the most in Swedish broadband expansion, which means that more and more people will have the opportunity to join the Care Portal in the years to come,” says Henrik Gustafsson, Commercial and Collaboration Manager at IP-Only.

At the same time, the National Welfare Broadband makes new consumer services available to private households through Services that enable the elderly and people with disabilities to stay at home in safer conditions, for example with the help of relatives remotely. These private services are connected in the same way as are now offered to municipalities, namely with the national Welfare Broadband. All in all, this will be an essential complement to municipal care in light of the major challenges of our time in an ageing population.

– We are of course very pleased that IP-Only, an actor at Sweden’s absolute forefront of digital inclusion, enables the Care Portal’s national Welfare Broadband and all its accompanying possibilities in its well-developed network. Our cooperation will be important for a large part of society from the start as we now jointly contribute to more people being able to use connected welfare services in safer conditions. The fact that we are also two creative companies that like to carry the heavy load only makes it even more exciting to see what we can achieve in the future, says Karl Stolpe, Product Manager for Omsorgsportalen.




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