Pamica AB acquires the majority of Cupola AB


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Cupola is a leading actor of systematic fire protection in Sweden, covering the whole nation. The company offers products, such as fire alarm, smoke hatches, fire protection-documents, as well as service, installation, and training.

Cupola creates an environment of safety and prepares the public and companies for fire, evacuation, and unexpected events with the use of its tailored and complete solutions.

 – “We are very happy to make this acquisition with Cupola, a leading Swedish fire protection company with its wide offering of products and services. Cupola is ahead in technology and digitalization with its tool for systematic self-control for the customer, gaining a competitive advantage. The group has representation in multiple regions of Sweden, which is a good base to continue to develop. There is continuous growth potential in volume and profitability both through organic growth and acquisitions,” says Jan-Olof Svensson, the founder of Pamica AB.

Cupola was founded 25 years ago, by Stefan Johansson, with the focus on sales and production of luminous signs. Initially, the focus was already on fire service companies. Through the company’s development, the product offerings has been expanding, and the last 10 years has been resulting in a complete offer of systematic fire protection. Stefan is still the largest individual owner of Cupola, after Pamica AB.

”This is a very exciting step in our expansion. After a strong growth these past years, both through organic growth and acquisitions, we realized that we needed to take a further step in order to advance. By getting a financially strong owner with great experience of structure-work in combination with business and organization development, we can see big opportunities to reach the level we are looking for. As a small business owner and entrepreneur, we appreciate to have a financial owner not only possessing the qualities mentioned above, but also having the experience from an active entrepreneurial perspective,” says Fredrik Weiss, the CEO of Cupola AB.

Cupola has today 115 employers, turnover of 150 SEK millions with great profitability. Read more at:

For further information and questions, please contact:

Pamica AB
Jan-Olof Svensson
Tel: 073-373 00 80

Cupola AB
Fredrik Weiss
Tel: 070-312 68 02

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