Pamica AB to acquire a majority interest in Safe Solutions


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Pamica AB acquires Safe Solutions AB, an innovative leading actor in the Security industry, offering digitalized solutions by blending technology and human intervention. The remaining owners are Magnus Frönserius, the founder of the company, and a group of investors. The acquisition with Safe Solutions is Pamica ABs third investment in unquoted and stable growth companies.

– ”We are very pleased to announce our third investment. Safe Solutions is a rapidly-growing and innovative provider of solutions to maximize the security of valuable businesses. We can see a shift in the security industry, where the demand of digitalized solutions over traditional guarding services is on the rise. Safe Solutions who, with a great management team and expertise in technology, adds tremendous complementary value and accelerates the growth potential in the Security platform.” said Jan-Olof Svensson, the founder of Pamica AB.

– ”While we have been searching for partnership in order to reach the next level, we are delighted to be partnering with Pamica AB who, with its strong financial experience and expertise in combination of active entrepreneurship, will provide invaluable support as we enter this next phase of the company’s development. Together, we can achieve significant growth for the business,” said Magnus Frönserius, the founder and owner of Safe Solutions.

Immediately upon the investment, Anders Hallberg signed a position as the new CEO of Safe Solutions. For many years, Anders has experience of several leading positions in the IT industry.

Since 2010, Safe Solutions has been developing a digitalized security system, with the combination of an intelligent thermal camera placed on a mast, who self-rotates 24 hours despite different weather conditions. The idea behind is to secure, analyze, alarm, and document the proceedings in order to prevent both damage and trespass as well as acting and protecting values of the different areas.

In order to deliver high quality through the process, the camera is linked to operatives, who are watching the live videos and making the right decisions. Today, Safe Solutions is the leading actor in the security industry and secures areas such as, constructions areas and department stores, haulages, recycling areas, and gravel/quarry areas.

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