Opportunity for a safer day life in Kungälv with the Care Portal


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Kungälv Energi now offers care services, for a safer day life for those who want to stay at home longer. Via the Care Portal from Sappa ("Omsorgsportalen"), households connected to Kungälv's city network can from today take part in digital care services.

– Kungälv Energi’s fiber network becomes even more important as new services are added. We feel that Sappa’s care portal is now in the range of services, which feels very positive. The hope is that the care of our human beings will be even better and that the services create new opportunities for increased security and quality of life for the people of Kungälv, says Hans Larsson-Ljungblad, CEO, Kungälv Energi.

The care portal is Sweden’s first independent marketplace for digital aids and care services at home. The portal gives the possibility for private individuals to obtain services that are usually used by home care services, such as stove guards, security alarms and reminder support. The difference is that the services are connected directly to a relative or alarm center.

– It is very rewarding to discuss solutions with Kungälv Municipality and Kungälv Energi so that the residents of Kungälv Municipality can stay at home longer, in a safe way, says Katarina Cervell, partner manager, Sappa.

Many of the services have the opportunity to create a closeness to relatives at a distance, something that increases security and independence.

– I can also, based on myself as a relative, feel that digital care services are a good complement to physical visits of our elderly, especially during these times, says Katarina Cervell.

Kungälvs Energi has now started a collaboration with Sappa regarding the Care Portal. Residents in Kungälv, who are connected to the city network, will thus be able to take part in digital care. The digital care services are available already now and ordered directly via Omsorgsportalen.se.

– Our collaboration with Kungälv city network is great! We believe that digital care services will become increasingly important for the elderly and functionally diverse in society, in order to create a simpler and safer day life. That city networks and municipalities agree and want to be part of the development feels like a step in the right direction, towards a healthy digitalisation of society, says Hasse Svensson, CEO, Sappa.


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