On September 4th 2019, Ställning.se acquired all shares in Norwegian Solideq AS


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Solideq AS has been operating since 2010 and has solid experience in the Norwegian scaffolding industry.

Like today’s Swedish operations, a large part of Solideq AS’s sales goes to renter and offshore, as well as to private individuals, and small and medium-sized construction companies. The company has twelve employees, located at three strategically warehouses in Norway (Oslo, Bergen and Elverum). The company has its own technical department with its own engineers, who help clients with advice and follow-up in connection with scaffolding projects.

As from today, Ställning Holding AB, consists of Solideq AS (Norway), Ställning Karlskoga AB (Sweden) and Solideq Stilladser A / S (Denmark). Together, the group will achieve good synergy effects and become a stronger player in the Nordic market. The group currently has sales of approximately SEK 230 million and plans to expand the operations in Stockholm and to the Finnish market within the next few years.

Solideq AS will continue operate with the same management and staff as before.

For further information contact:

Martin Cedervall
CEO Ställning Karlskoga AB
+46 586 530 17

Ivar Strand
CEO Solideq Scaffolding AS
+47 905 28 493

Read more about the companies at:

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