Micropol introduces next generation cable reel


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At first, a cable reel might be looked at as a commodity product, but when the going gets tough, there are few things more important than a reliable accessory supporting the function of the cable and connector.

At Micropol, we have more than 30 years of experience in developing fiber optical solutions for both civil and defence applications. In most cases, the optical performance is in focus, but not even the most sophisticated product can meet its intended use, unless supported by well-functioning accessories. One such item is our unique cable reel, which has now undergone a generation upgrade. The main purpose has been to add functions to facilitate the outside organization of the cable and connector, while also reducing the cable bending radius needed to fit the connector in the front.

The first 500 units were delivered to the Swedish Armed Forces during March and there are more to come as the Micropol cable reels continue to form the industry standard for harsh environments.

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