iTUX launches the Care Portal with associated welfare broadband in more than 300,000 households


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The marketplace of the Care Portal ("Omsorgsportalen") and its underlying national welfare broadband is now available within iTUX - a step that opens up for the next level of digital care in Sweden.

Municipalities can now secure the connection of their security alarms and surveillance cameras in households connected to iTUX, which often includes households in municipal housing companies. This at the same time as companies and private individuals on their own, through the Care Portal, can access a comprehensive range of digital care where the Welfare Broadband is included.

– The care portal is a fantastic tool where the end customer can really find the services that fit. iTUX is proud to have had the opportunity to start the collaboration with the Care Portal and thereby strengthen our position as a leading communications operator where great focus is placed on the services of the future. Welfare and care services are becoming increasingly important as our elderly live longer at home. It is our duty to help in the ways we can. The care portal is really the platform we have been looking for where the best services are gathered under one roof and easily become available to the end customer. The journey with the Care Portal has only just begun, says David Ekelund – COO at iTUX.

The care portal means that private individuals, but also municipal businesses and companies, can access a comprehensive range of digital care services. They help everyone who needs extra security in the home, through, for example, security alarms for relatives and alarm center, fire-safe stove guard and reminder services that prevent accidents. The services are usually connected to close relatives at a distance through an included welfare broadband.

– It is great that we, together with iTUX, can contribute with these services to so many households. This, at the same time as we can secure the municipalities’ existing services through the Welfare Broadband, which lays the foundation for a continued development of digital care in Sweden. iTUX has always been a forward-looking and dynamic telecom operator, so I look forward to a continued rewarding collaboration, says Karl Stolpe, Head of Digital Care at Sappa.

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