Beans in Cup CEO provides an insight into the Company and sustainability


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Sustainability affects all parts of the Beans in Cup business and the entire value chain is important, from the cultivation and production of coffee, machines and transport to the Company's customers being able to drink good coffee at work. The CEO of Beans in Cup, Johan Ă…berg, tells more about his thoughts about sustainability.

Why is sustainability so important for Beans in Cup?

– For us, it is about creating a brand and a business model that is sustainable and that does not harm people and the environment. We want to create security for our customers and show that we take full responsibility for both our business and our products. This in itself is a sufficient driving force, but we also see that it gives us advantages in our business.

How has your clear sustainability strategy affected the development of the company?

– Of course, we have more left to do, not least to involve all employees to a greater degree. Our clear sustainability strategy means that we can really keep our customer promises. Our management system helps us to create unity across the country. Choosing collaborations with important players in sustainability, such as the Nordic Ecolabel and Fairtrade, and others who work with certification, helps us work with the right issues. In fact, this knowledge also makes us even better at paying attention to customers’ needs. Sustainability work has given us a feeling that you can stand for your product and your company even more clearly. What we have actually done creates pride internally, which in turn contributes to our company becoming even more attractive to work in.

What advice would you give to other companies that have not come as far as you?

– Sustainability is not always easy. These are complex issues and internal discussions are necessary and decisions need to be transparent. It is not possible to do everything at once. Sustainability is business critical and start thinking about what you can do differently in your business. Involve employees in both the issues and in the activities you carry out. Set up a few target images that you do well, rather than working half-heartedly with several. Be clear that this is just the beginning.


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