At the end of 2018, Christopher Evers stepped in as new CEO of Cupola AB. Christopher comes from a three-year sejour as CEO of HUBER Packaging International in Germany.

Fredrik Weiss chose to step down from the CEO post in order to fully focus on sales in the role of sales manager in the Cupola Group. Founder and co-owner Stefan Johansson stepped in as a temporary CEO until Christopher Evers employment. Christopher has 20 years of experience as President and CEO for, among others, Kemetyl Packaging Group and Emballator Metal Packaging Group and contributes primarily with a strong eye on sales and market development and deep experience of international expansion. “- Together with employees and owners, I am looking forward to developing the Cupola Group, the leading supplier of fire safety products and services to the Nordic market, with a focus on customer satisfaction and profitability,” Christopher explains.

Chairman of the Board, Lasse Träff commented: “We can happily announce that we have recruited a new CEO to Cupola, Christopher Evers. Christopher has a long and solid experience of leading companies with the ambition to grow with great profitability. The board is very pleased about the recruitment of Christopher and believe that he possesses the qualities that Cupola’s CEO needs.”

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