In 2009, Martin Cedervall and Mats Jansson Ställning Karlskoga AB started with the business idea of making it easy for customers to buy ready-made scaffolding packages at good prices and extremely fast deliveries. They were very early to understand that this is also something you can sell through e-commerce. The idea was doubtful in the beginning.

“I am so incredibly happy and grateful to be a part of this company and reach a fantastic milestone, 100 MSEK in sales, which means that Solideq Group have sales of more than 200 MSEK. The good thing is that we just started this journey and has a lot more to achieve. Many thanks to everyone at Ställning and Solideq, you are awesome! ” comments by Tobias Wreje Larsson, CEO of Solideq Group.

Follow the exciting journey for Solideq Group here:

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