Developed in consideration of steadily growing bandwidth requirements, the URM system guarantees an optimized migration path towards faster transmission standards. Merely the patch cables must be replaced when migrating from 10 to 40/100/200/400 Gigabit Ethernet, the remaining backbone cabling stays the same. Its ferrule technology is yet another unique feature of the URM system: all optical fibers are guided in separate spring-loaded ceramic ferrules. This way, each fiber receives an evenly convex polishing. Thus, the surface geometry reaches maximum attenuation reduction – values of less than 0.2 dB enable the realization of higher link lengths. This makes the URM system the perfect solution for any structured cabling over several patch points.

We look forward to bringing the URM system to the Scandinavian market with the support of Micropol. As the system is already used in data centers of large banks and insurance companies in Germany, we are convinced that we can also achieve added value with the system in the Swedish market” says Sandro Malessa, Key Account Manager for data centers at Sachsenkabel.

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