If you have questions regarding our use of cookies, you are always welcome to contact us via email: frida@pamica.se

1. Our use of cookies

1.1 The Websites use so-called cookies. Cookies are small text files that a website stores or gains access to on the visitors’ computers or mobile device. Cookies enable websites to remember a visitor when the visitor accesses the websites from the same device, and can be used for a number of functionalities on the websites, such as saving previous searches and adapting the content of the websites according to the visitor’s previous use of it. Our use of cookies on the Websites is described in Section 2 below.

1.2 There are two types of cookies: 1) persistent cookies that remain on the visitor’s computer for a fixed time; and 2) session cookies that are stored temporarily in the computer’s memory while the visitor is visiting the websites. Session cookies disappear when you close your browser.

1.3 The cookies are either: 1) a first-party cookie set by the websites or; 2) a third-party cookie set by someone else than the websites. You can manage and turn off first and third-party cookies by changing the setting of your browser to not accept cookies, see section 3 below.

1.4 If you choose not to accept cookies, some of the functionalities of the Websites may be limited and work less efficient than you would expect.

1.5 The cookies serve different purposes and are divided in to different categories, 1) strictly necessary cookies; 2) performance and analytics cookies; and 3) advertising cookies. The Websites use performance and analytics cookies, see section 2 below.

1.6 Performance and analytics cookies are optional and only processed if you have provided your consent to them. You may withdraw your consent at any time by changing your cookie settings.

1.7 Performance and analytics cookies help us monitor the Websites, to make sure that it is working properly and to fix errors that occur. These cookies collect information about how visitors use our Websites.

1.8 Cookies may gather personal data, such as IP-address. All such personal data is processed in accordance with our privacy policy.

2. Cookies on the Websites

2.1 The Websites use the following performance and analytic cookies:

Name: _ga_7NVW513WSN
Provider: Google Analytics
Expiry: Maximum two (2) years.
Purpose: Analysis. Used in order to understand how visitors interact with the website. It provides information on different metrics, e.g. number of visitors and duration of each visit. This information is compiled and presented as statistics for us to get a view of the traffic on our Websites.

Name: _ga
Provider: Google Analytics
Expiry: Maximum two (2) years.
Purpose: Analysis. Measures the website use in order to create an analytics report according to above. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly selected number in order to separate and recognise unique visitors.

Name: _gid
Provider: Google Analytics
Expiry: One (1) day.
Purpose: Analysis. Stores information on number of visitors using the Websites in order to generate an analytics report of the performance of the Websites.

Name: pll_language
Provider: Polylang
Expiry: Maximum one (1) year.
Purpose: Function. Used in order to collect information about language used and remember language preferences when the visitor revisits the Websites.

Name: _gat
Provider: Google Universal Analytics
Expiry: One (1) minute
Purpose: Function. Used in order to limit the collection of data on websites with heavy traffic.

Name: Session token
Expiry: Until the login session of a user expires.
Purpose: Function. Used in order to maintain the login session of a visitor of the investor portal.

3. Browser settings

3.1 If you do not accept our use of cookies, you can set your browser not to accept cookies or other technologies. Through the browser, you can also delete previously stored cookies. Please refer to your browser’s help section for more information. Also, you can at any time delete cookies manually from your hard drive.

3.2 If you disable a cookie or a category of cookies, or other technologies, some of the functionalities of the websites you visit may not be able to function as you expect them to. Disabling cookies or other technologies does not delete existing cookies from your hard drive unless manually completed through your browser function.