Comtel’s Marketing Manager, Yafit Saranga, has successfully managed to position Micropol in the Israeli market, using a wide range of marketing activities, from translating product data sheets into Hebrew, to having Micropol published in a number of journals, both physical and digital, e.g. . New-Tech and Israel Defense.

Micropol has a large library of photos, videos and customer references that they have supported Comtel with, but Comtel has made it relevant to Israeli customers.

“We believe that a quality supplier such as Micropol is the perfect partner for us in the Israeli market. Only the imagination sets limits to what we can achieve together, ”says Yafit Saranga.

Comtel Israel’s sales team has extensive experience in marketing and sales to various industry segments. Yafit Saranga together with sales manager Kobi Ganon and Comtel Israel’s General Manager, Natan Saranga, together with colleagues at a trade fair in January 2020 when Micropol was introduced.

The partnership between Micropol and Comtel has already resulted in contracts in both the defense and the medical equipment industry.

“We are extremely pleased with Comtel Israel,” says Micropol’s CEO Peter Ljungkvist. “They combine industry and engineering knowledge with high professionalism in sales and marketing. It really suits us perfectly and we look forward to further increasing our market share in Israel with them. ”