Suggestions for Corona-safe coffee breaks

For most people, the coffee breaks are the highlight of the day. This is where you have the opportunity to take a break, relax and discuss with colleagues. Yes, the benefits of coffee breaks are many.

Talking to colleagues over a tasty cup of coffee is something most people have missed while working from home. When some workplaces eventually will reopen, many are looking forward to resuming to coffee breaks. On the other hand, it cannot be done in the same way as before. At least not yet.

Below, Beans in Cup has gathered a handful of tips and advice to help you carry out Corona-safe coffee breaks:

  • Coffee at different times to avoid congestion
  • Wash your hands both before and after coffee
  • Keep distance
  • Feel free to use disposable mugs (preferably environmentally friendly) for coffee, tea and other beverages
  • Buy wrapped cakes, sweets and similar products

Be sure to keep the coffee machine clean

Coffee machines are available at most workplaces. They are frequently used both during coffee breaks and other times of the working day. During these challenging times, it is important to continuously inspect and clean the machine. This can be done as follows:

  • Wash and spray your hands both before and after using the coffee machine
  • Wipe the screen with suitable screen cleaning products (do not use rubbing alcohol!)
  • Purchase individual touch pens that can be used to press beverage selections on the machine

This is how Beans in Cup has adapted their work

Beans in Cup works as usual with their customer promises of taste, service and durability, and despite Corona times, the work does not stop. However, the company carefully follows all guidelines and works with extra care and hygiene so that you who are still at work, can enjoy really good coffee at work.

  • No employee who has the slightest symptoms is allowed to come to work, not to Beans in Cup and not to their customers
  • Hygiene is the most important, the staff washes their hands with warm water, soap and spary their hands with alcohol before and after each visit
  • Beans in Cup is extra careful to wipe the machine’s handles, screens and buttons during visits
  • Beans in cup stays at a distance to avoid physical contact

Work routines after Corona

As previously mentioned, many have had to get used to working from home during this pandemic. This has started many conversations about the work routines after Corona. Will we return to the office at all?

Although there are those who enjoy working from home, many also look forward to return to the workplace. Humans are like herd animals, who want to socialize and communicate with colleagues over a cup of coffee. Going to work is also something we feel good about!

An ISM report highlights, for example, that the work gives a sense of context. It’s meaningful to go to work, meanwhile it gives job satisfaction and energy. To VGR Fokus, Annemarie Hultberg, development manager at ISM, gives her view on how important the context at work can be:

– The context at work can be as important as the family. When we get to do what we are good at and develop in our professional roles, then we flourish!

The fact that the connection between work and well-being is large is also apparent in a number of other surveys. An article on SvD mentions the happiness survey from the recruitment company Wise Group, in which it appears that it is twice as common among jobseekers to feel mentally ill as among people who work. Those who are looking for work are, according to the same survey, least happy compared to all other groups.

To sum it up, the workplace fulfills an important function for us humans. It is therefore important to look ahead and plan for a weekday after the Corona Pandemic!