The goal of the acquisition is to establish Beans in Cup as a stronger player in the coffee segment at work, towards workplaces in northern Sweden. It has for a long time been in the company’s strategy to establish better coverage in Norrland and offer our complete coffee solutions to the companies in this region. The date for the takeover is 1 September 2021.

– We are happy to welcome PacsOn’s coffee customers to Beans in Cup. Our strengthened presence in northern Sweden will be to the benefit of all and we will, as always, make sure to live up to our customer promises: taste, service and sustainability, says Johan Åberg, CEO of Beans in Cup. PacsOn’s values ​​harmonize well with ours when it comes to being able to offer high quality in both coffee and service, Johan Åberg continues.

– We feel confident that our coffee customers will be well taken care of and continue to receive the same good service, taste experience and more choices, now that we choose to hand over that part of our business to Beans in Cup, says Ulf Wiklund, CEO of PacsOn Papperspartner. We are also convinced that Beans in Cup will be a long-term good partner who can further develop the concept, adds Ulf Wiklund.

The best coffee at work

Beans in Cup is one of Sweden’s leading players in coffee in offices and workplaces and we are passionate about our efforts to offer a better coffee at work. Beans in Cup was established in 2017 through a merger of three different coffee companies. Together, there is a background in coffee roastery, machine manufacturing and taste concepts, which makes us the optimal coffee supplier in coffee for offices. We are located in 20 locations from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south with about 200 employees. Coffee is important and we want the best coffee to be available at work. We do this through professionalism. Our knowledge and our commitment means that every customer gets a good experience, based on Taste, Service and Sustainability, which is also part of our customer promise.