The work has just begun and will continue until the end of the year. Starting in 2020, all accessories will be fossil-free, meaning that the year will start in the framework of the company’s sustainability strategy.
It is a step in the right direction for a company like Beans in Cup, who wants to promote sustainability development at all levels. We are taking another step for the environment, leading to less impact on the climate, which is something we will continue to strive for in all of our projects. We hope that our colleagues in the industry will follow us, ”says Joakim Berg, Product Manager at Beans in Cup.

Today, Beans in Cup offers a nationwide traditional assortment of disposable products, which are common in the industry. Because of their sustainability strategy, products that are not of renewable raw material and not having an environmental profile will be phased out completely, and an equivalent range will be offered with alternative products.

“We feel a responsibility because we know that large quantities of disposable items end up in the garbage for combustion and some in nature and as debris. It is problematic since all plastic cannot be recycled. Responsible assortment development has therefore been a priority on our sustainability agenda. In 2020, we are going with a disposable assortment made only of renewable, plant-based or recycled material, ”says Karin Enock, Sustainability Manager at Beans in Cup.

Tasty coffee at work

Beans in Cup is one of the leading players in Sweden within coffee in offices and workplaces. The company is passionate with offering better coffee at work. The company is spread in 20 different locations, from Kiruna in the North to Malmö in the South, with about 200 employees. Coffee is important, and its vision is that the best coffee should be expereinced at work. Beans in Cup optimizes coffee in workplaces throughout Sweden, which is being done through professionalism. The company’s knowledge and service means that every customer gets a good experience, both in terms of taste and durability.


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