BiC visited their head office in Bromma, as well as one of their largest stores, also located in Bromma. BiC met with Christer Berggren, head of contract negotiation and purchase of services, as well as Sofie Peters, project manager at Dahl’s marketing department. BiC also had the opportunity to talk to Jessica Bergström, who is the store manager in the store in Bromma. Dahl recently chose Beans in Cup as their coffee supplier in all their stores, in the warehouse and in the office. BiC wanted to know more about how they look at a coffee supplier, what is important to them and why they chose to put such a large focus on a good coffee solution in their stores.

Beans in Cup is very pleased to be able to collaborate with a nationwide, large and professional company like Dahl, which, like Beans in Cup, highly values ​​taste, service to customers and sustainability.

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