Extending the life of coffee machines is not a new thing for Beans in Cup, customers have before been offered reused machines. The initiators of Eco3 also have extensive experience in the industry. Cooperation will therefore be a next step for both parties. What distinguishes this initiative from previous work in the field is the systematic process and the clear focus on optimization and improvement.

A circular service to reduce climate impact
Beans in Cup has coffee machines placed to customers all over the country. If necessary, these now have the opportunity to be upgraded for more cycles of use in Eco3’s workshop in Arvika. The aim is to jointly build a return system and offer a circular service for those customers who want to reduce their climate footprint.

– Sustainability is one of our customer promises and this is a way for us to make better use of resources. We are also seeing an increased demand for just reused machines. It feels good to be able to offer our customers a service that is sustainable while we continue to guarantee a good taste experience,” says Johan Åberg, CEO of Beans in Cup.

Offers customers climate calculation
An R3 machine should last and be attractive to many users over time. The machines therefore undergo professional remanufacturing processes and are upgraded to a condition that can be equated with a completely new machine. For Eco3, it is important that the machine can be used in the same way as before when it has been installed at customers, the capacity to deliver good coffee every day is a matter of course. It is also of great importance to report and explain how and why the service makes a difference for the climate, therefore climate calculation is included for all R3 machines.

– We always make sure that operational reliability is just as good, or even improved, to avoid unnecessary operating costs and environmental impact. We also calculate all renovations to measure the footprint of our services against buying new. With our service offering, we want to contribute to a change in the industry,” says Emma Andersson, CEO of Eco3.

R3 machines – how it works step by step
1. A coffee machine that has been used by Beans in Cup’s customers for a number of years is sent to Eco3 in Arvika.
2. The machine is repaired, cleaned and upgraded by Eco3’s experts.
3. Taste optimization and quality assurance are completed.
4. The R3 machine is ready to be reinstalled at a customer’s premises.

For more information

Johan Åberg
Mobile: 070 – 609 99 73
E-mail: johan.aberg@beansincup.se

Emma Andersson
CEO Eco3
Mobile: 070 – 220 83 96
E-mail: emma@eco3-r.se

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