Bonhagen AB, who works with comprehensive solutions to offices, chooses to construct its business and focus even more on their main business, which is IT-related products and services.

– Now when we choose to construct our business to IT-related products and services, our main priority is to take care of our customers the best we can. We believe that Beans in Cup AB is the most suitable company for this mission, says Cecilia Engberg, CEO of Bonhagen AB.

Beans in Cup AB considers this acquisition to be very relevant since the customer structure and service offers are similar to Beans in Cup’s business.

– We are confident that we will take care of Bonhagen’s coffee customers the best we can and we wish them a warmly welcome, says Rikard Hammar, CEO of Beans in Cup AB.

About Bonhagen AB

Bonhagen is based in Stockholm and offers comprehensive solutions to offices. Bonhagen has customers and partners across the whole country and delivers solutions internationally. Bonhagen was founded in 2008, has representation in Stockholm and Gothenburg, and has 15 employees, with a turnover of 21 MSEK.

About Beans in Cup AB

The coffee supplier Beans AB was established in Stockholm 2002, and has since then expanded with Beans Väst AB, Kaffebönan Handels AB, and the internal finance company Beans Finans AB.

The employers’ competence about coffee, taste, coffee machines, and customer needs have been the contributing factors of a successful journey. The Beans in Cup concept about Taste is constantly developing and has been the essential frame in the marketing offer and the high customer satisfaction.

Beans in Cup AB was established during 2017 through a merger of the Beans group and inCup Sweden AB. Geographically the group is spread out, with existence from Kiruna in the north, to Malmö in the south, and with a total of 200 employers that together has a turnover of 360 MSEK year 2017.

For further questions and information, please contact:

Beans in Cup AB
Rikard Hammar
070-321 69 50

Bonhagen AB
Johan Bjerhagen
076-635 04 11