The new Absorpole® features

The desiccant’ climate impact is reduced by 60% thanks to the new features:

  • The characteristic blue collector is now off-white and is made with 100% recycled plastic, a material with a lower carbon footprint than the previous PE plastic. The non-addition of ink to color the plastic eases the recy-cling process after usage and avoid adding any unneces-sary chemicals.
  • Grey part plastic is also made from recycled material, a material with 60% less CO2 footprint than the regular PP plastic.

Although the new version of Absorpole® differs in so many ways from its predecessor, it will keep the same outstanding absorption capacity and its strong and durable construction. The changes in the new Absorpole® will be a relief for the en-vironment. The latest version of this container desiccant is the first carbon-neutral alternative on the market for industrial moisture absorbers.

Climate Compensation

All unavoidable CO2 emissions related to the production and sourcing of the new Absorpole® have been calculated and compensated, an activity known as offsetting. Joakim Carlsson, COO at Absortech Group, explains the concept:

“Even if the Absorpole® is now optimised to have a lower carbon footprint, some CO2 is generated along the product journey. An independent research institute, the IVL Swedish Environmental Institute has calculated the exact carbon footprint of Absorpole so that we can compensate for every kilogram of CO2 generated in the sourcing and manufacturing of the product, by supporting sustainable development projects which leads to CO2 reduction”.

The projects that Absortech Group has chosen to support are “Climate+” Gold Standard projects. These are projects that deliver benefits for climate protection, local people, and ecosystems. Reforestation in Ethiopia is the first project that Absortech will support.

Introducing R-to-R: a reverse logistics solution
Absorpole® is extremely easy to recycle and reuse, thanks to the way it is made. Absortech will leverage on this and offer customers the opportunity to become part of a circular, sustainable solution.

In Europe, Absortech will set up pick-up points where customers can send collected brine (the absorbed moisture) and the off-white collector. Consolidated shipments will be made from the pick-up points back to Absortech’s plant in Falken-berg, and quality approved collectors will be washed and reused to produce new Absorpole® desiccants.

Absortech will compensate customers who take part in the R-to-R program by either crediting a percentage of the ini-tial purchase cost or by investing the equal amount in a Gold Standard Project. Otherwise, customers can separate the desiccant parts and recycled them.

Taking responsibility for the environment

“Awareness of the environmental impact of supply chain activities is increasing within all companies. Stakeholders, including con-sumers, are urging industries to become sustainable. We have embraced this culture and want to offer our customers a solution that helps them achieve their sustainability goals. Sustainability is a key area for Absortech going forward, with the upgraded Absorpole® a first proof of our commitment. Adding to that, our R-to-R solution brings sustainability in shipping to a new level. Soon, we will communicate further news with bearing on sustainability”, says Rikard Kanmert, CEO of Absortech Group.

Absortech Group has chosen the path of sustainability for 2021 and onwards. The company, with an ISO 14001:2015-cer-tified environmental management system, has committed to provide better and more efficient solutions to customers and to minimize the carbon footprint of their supply chain and logistic processes. The new Absorpole® will help companies become more sustainable, reduce their overall CO2 emissions, and protect the environment.

For further information about the new Absorpole® please contact:
Joakim Carlsson, COO Absortech Group,

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