Our history

Pamica Group – the story so far


In 2003, Jan-Olof Svensson (“Josa”) founded the transaction advisor IMAP together with his childhood friend Bengt Jönsson. For just over a decade, they built up a successful business and an extensive network among Swedish small and medium-sized companies, their founders and leaders.


In 2015, Josa left IMAP to establish Pamica, together with some employees and around 180 Swedish entrepreneurs. Pamica’s business concept was to invest, own and after a number of years sell mainly well-managed, small Swedish companies at a profit. The business was unique in Sweden as the 180 entrepreneurs were not only owners, but actively contributed to the business and its companies with their networks and expertise.


The model proved to work well and the businesses, which were run through the Pamica AB and Pamica 2 AB “funds”, showed good and profitable growth: 14 portfolio companies that still are part of the Group, in cyclically independent niches, were acquired between 2018 and 2022. About 60 bolt-on acquisitions were completed. Since 2018, Pamica Group has shown strong sales and EBITA growth.


In 2021, the so-called exit phase for the first investments approached and the owners evaluated various options. The conclusion, after a deeper analysis of all companies owned, was that the future value potential in the case of continued ownership of the portfolio far exceeded the value creation in the event of an exit. A decision was therefore made to change Pamica’s business concept to owning and developing companies without a time limit.


As a consequence of the decision, the companies were moved from the ownership companies Pamica AB and Pamica 2 AB to the newly formed Pamica Group, with an “eternal” ownership horizon. In addition, many of the 180 owners invested a further SEK 400 million for new investments in a third investment company, Pamica III AB, which at the turn of the year 2022/23 will be part of the Pamica Group in exchange for shares.

Since the decision to form Pamica Group, the organization has been strengthened in the areas of Business Development, Financial Management, Transactions, HR and IR/Communications. A total of about ten people work at Pamica Group and are supported by the extensive network of entrepreneurial owners when it comes to identifying and evaluating companies and developing businesses already owned. In addition, an extremely reputable Board has been recruited.

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