Investment model

A business plan for the coming five years is drawn up together with the management and reinvesting owners.

  • We make investments together with the selling shareholder who reinvests part of the purchase price obtained.
  • We supply expertise in industry through active involvement in boards and in projects. Everyone connected to Pamica has documented experience in investment, as a business person and/or active ownership of a family company.
  • After an acquisition, objectives are defined and a business plan and an action plan drawn up to maximise value creation during the holding period.

Structural objectives during an investment

  • Pamica’s ownership: 50–70%
  • External loans: 30–50%
  • Holding period: 3–7 years
  • Annual return objective: >20%

We enter a partnership together that benefits everyone. We want to create growth, value and high returns for the owners

Investment horizon

  • We work actively to develop and support all investments up to a sale. Historically, Pamica can show that high valuations can be achieved if the company can demonstrate financial and operational, as well as strategic, improvements.
  • We have an investment horizon with an objective of sale after a holding period of 3–7 years when greater volumes and stronger margins have been achieved through organic growth and/or additional acquisitions.
  • Pamica always works actively towards a well prepared and professional sale.

For those of you ready for an exciting growth journey

We help you to scale up the operation and together we develop it. We are a group of entrepreneurs that work with other entrepreneurs to achieve common set goals.

How we add value

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