We reinforce what the entrepreneur wants to do

A long-term approach, commitment and expertise combined with a clear strategy.

Pamica reinforces what the entrepreneur wants to do through expertise, implementation know-how and leadership. We work together to create value for our private, established growth companies.

Investment model

Long-term approach

We make investments together with the selling shareholder who reinvests part of the purchase price obtained. Pamica’s ownership horizon is eternal.

Commitment and expertise

We bring industrial expertise through active involvement in Boards and projects. All of Pamica’s associates have documented experience of investments, as business owners and/or active owners of family companies.

Strategy and objectives

After an acquisition, the objectives are defined and a business plan and an action plan are created to maximize the development and value creation of your company.

Eternal investment horizon

We work actively to develop and support all our companies with the aim of growing sales and improving margins through organic growth and/or bolt-on acquisitions.

Flexibility and scope for long-term enterprise development

Pamica’s ownership


Pamica’s external loans


Pamica’s holding period

Eternal holding


A central part of our work is based on the principles of developing what we call Great Companies. An important part of the definition of Great Companies is that sustainability work takes central stage. In 2023, Pamica intends to carry out a materiality analysis that will encompass Pamica’s employees, shareholders, companies and other stakeholders.

For those ready to embark on an exciting journey of growth,

We can help you scale up your business and develop it together. We are a group of entrepreneurs who work with other entrepreneurs to achieve our common objectives.

How we add value
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