We establish partnerships and build Great Companies together

More than 200 entrepreneurs to support your company’s growth.

We are a group of Swedish entrepreneurs who help develop companies through active Board engagement and by providing support. Most of us have led or built up companies ourselves. We bring our commitment, network, industrial expertise, business know-how and capital to unlisted and financially prosperous companies.

We participate actively in developing the companies.
Everyone at Pamica has a proven track record of investments and as a business owner and/or has been an active owner in a family company. Using our model, current owners and management teams can combine the advantages of a sale with the benefit of joining Pamica Group. You can make use of our expertise and our network, retain significant ownership and benefit from future value potential through reinvestment.

Looking onward and upward

We work actively, in close partnership with the entrepreneur and management team, to develop and coach each company. This allows us to create a framework for growth, efficiency and optimizing margins. It also enables organizational development, follow-up, bolt-on acquisitions and strategic positioning. Our primary target groups are family owned companies or companies with one owner that are ready for a change of ownership. These companies are well-run and historically profitable with a clear growth agenda.

Our model

We acquire small and medium-sized companies and develop them together with successful entrepreneurs. Together, we make the companies successful in the long term and add value and prosperity. We call them Great Companies

More than 50 bolt-on acquisitions

The success of our companies is based on the ability to grow profitably on their own merits. Certain companies also benefit from consolidating their industry or making strategic acquisitions. Pamica’s companies have carried out more than 50 bolt-on acquisitions since 2016.

More than 200 entrepreneurs

We are more than 200 entrepreneurs and business leaders who own Pamica and possess immense know-how from having developed and led companies ourselves. By following a long-term, professional and humble approach, we create value in the unlisted and financially prosperous companies Pamica owns.

The fact that we ourselves are entrepreneurs supporting other entrepreneurs presents opportunities. That’s why investors looking for value choose us and why entrepreneurs and business leaders prefer Pamica.

We are committed to the company’s and entrepreneur’s best

We drive growth and add value by developing, supporting and working closely with our companies. We help reinforce what the entrepreneur and management team want to build up by adding expertise, capital, an active ownership approach and a broad network.

How we add value

We develop companies together

We help you scale up your business and develop it together so it can reach its full potential. We work hard together to achieve our common objectives.

Investment strategy

Time to step it up a gear for the future?

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