Pamica develops a diversified portfolio of majority-owned companies with the goal of developing the operations and thereby creating value and returns for our shareholders. A central part of our work is based on the principles of what we call developing Great Companies. An important part of the definition of Great Companies is that sustainability work takes a central place in the management and the boards’ annual cycle and that we thereby create awareness of sustainability issues at all levels in the group.

As part of this work, relevant policies exist or will be established for each company within Pamica Group.

Pamica Groups’s board will in due course decide on an internal framework that sets the guidelines for how Pamica should act as a responsible company, owner and employer and reflect the Global Compact’s ten principles. The guidelines will include our code of conduct, responsible ownership and responsible investment policy, environmental policy and whistleblower policy. Together, the guidelines will specify how Pamica should act as a responsible company, owner and employer.

Materiality analysis

In 2023, Pamica intends to carry out a materiality analysis with Pamica’s employees, shareholders, owned companies and other stakeholders. The purpose of the analysis is to establish a matrix in which Pamica’s most significant sustainability issues, internally and externally, appear.