Partners in growth

We work closely with the entrepreneur and managements throughout and work towards a common objective – to achieve success together.

We look for established owner-led companies that are ready to take the next step. Our most important target groups are family owned companies or companies with one owner that are ready for a change of ownership. The companies must be well run, profitable, established and preferably have an international dimension.

Clear objectives

We offer security in a sale and want to work for what is best for the company and the entrepreneur. In conjunction with the acquisition, the objectives are defined and a business plan and an action plan to achieve the objectives are created.

We offer security, a clear horizon and we follow operations closely throughout

The best of two worlds

We enable risk mitigation for the entrepreneur while retaining a major ownership interest

  • By selling the company to Pamica Group the entrepreneur is offered the opportunity to mitigate risk and partial sale.
  • By reinvesting, the entrepreneur maintains significant ownership and a possibly attractive profit.

There are over 200 entrepreneurs among our owners who can offer their expertise and experience

Non-sector specific investment profile

Our investment profile is not sector specific, which means that investments can be made in most sectors with the exception of property companies. We consider it important to invest across different sectors in order to spread and minimise the risk in our portfolios.

We want you to succeed – we develop the company together

Pamica is a team of committed entrepreneurs with well-founded expertise in investment and business development.

Investment strategy

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