The route to the best coffee at work

Beans in Cup was started in 2017 by three established coffee companies; Kaffebönan Handels AB, inCup AB and Beans AB, which all merged into one coffee supplier. Together, they had a background in coffee roasting, machine manufacture and taste concept. And combined, the objective was to provide the best coffee at work. The company is now represented in 20 locations from Kiruna in the north to Malmö in the south, with approximately 200 employees. The company has been one of Pamica’s portfolio companies since 2016.

Taking coffee very seriously

At present, Beans in Cup is one of Sweden’s leading players within coffee in offices and workplaces and is passionate about its efforts to offer the best coffee at work. The key value words are taste, operation and sustainability, which, together with knowledge and service, mean that every customer has the best experience. Beans in Cup is the only national coffee supplier that can offer an approved Swan labelled coffee service to offices and companies.

”Three companies became one, with a completely new business concept. That wouldn't have been possible without Pamica's network of contacts”

Hard to find good coffee for work?

In order to deliver an extraordinary taste experience, Beans in Cup offers the market’s largest selection of coffee machines, espresso machines and coffee vending machines that maintain the highest possible quality. The machines have lots of smart functions, come in different sizes and supply freshly brewed coffee from either ground or whole beans. And now a “work-at-home” kit is available for staff working from home.

A common investment for mutual success

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