Absortech is an innovative company that makes significant investment in R&D to reinforce its position as pioneer in moisture absorbency solutions. The company was founded in 1996 and has been one of Pamica’s portfolio companies since 2017. Absortech has its head office in Falkenberg and wholly owned companies in USA, Germany, France, India, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand and China. Manufacturing takes place in Sweden and China.

Global pioneers

Water damage during container transport is a costly and unpredictable challenge. Each industry has its own moisture problems that require their own solutions. Absortech was the first to use 100% calcium chloride in its products. Calcium chloride has an excellent absorption capacity which exceeds other traditional technology. It is also a non-toxic and environmentally-friendly substance that can tolerate major swings in temperature.

”Thanks to our resources and the commitment of an experienced network we have reinforced the brand and awareness globally”

A costly problem in every industry

All freight containers contain moisture, this depends on the temperature during loading, how air tight the container is, temperature differences during transport etc. Through Absortech’s absorbent solutions, moisture is prevented from reaching levels that will damage the goods.

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